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Elephant Rumblings: A’s power ranking roundup for June

MLB news roundup

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Athletics Nation!

Hey everybody, how was your June? Good? Get outside and catch some sun? Well I’m sure that the A’s June went just as well, let me just bring up the standings and—

Oh. Oh no.

June was bad, like only 5 wins in the entire month bad. The last time the A’s had a June that bad was 1979, which also happens to be the last season the A’s lost more than 100 games. Even in 1981 when a strike canceled over half of the month’s games, the A’s managed to sneak in 6 June wins. While a few of this year’s June losses were close ones that easily could have flipped the other way if you were to play them again, it still makes for 21 tough losses to watch for fans.

Let’s see where the baseball world slots the Athletics in as we get into July:

Site - Rank (End of May rank)

No surprises here. By the end of May things had taken a bit of a turn, but the A’s were still hanging out with Seattle and Texas in the standings. Now, the rest of the AL West is within 5 games of each other, while the A’s are over 10 games removed from any other division-mate. Due to the holiday yesterday, some of these power rankings are a week or so old, but getting swept by the Yankees and having a pair of near-wins stole by the Mariners isn’t going to suddenly make the A’s shoot up the charts this week.

As of today the Athletics enter the second half of their season. Aside from a make-up double-header with the Tigers that cuts the team’s All-Star break a day short, there is a three week stretch where the A’s will only play against the Rangers and Astros. With no other cellar dwellers to try and get a leg up on in their schedule this month, it may be a rough go for the A’s. There is some potential however — we’re already 2 wins into July with nearly the whole month to go!

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