A's Ownership Change?

An Open Letter to My Sons

The Curry's did an Oakland Kids promo at yesterday's game.

New Oakland A's ownership has been on my mind, especially ownership that would keep them in Oakland.
Lacob has repeatedly said how he made an offer to Fisher a dozen years ago and remains very interested, even now.
Once a goal is serious, he is pretty tenacious about it.
he said then his goal was to set up his son's ownership in multiple pro sports.

One problem with that is MLB doesn't allow ownership of multiple MLB teams. Guber, his mercurial co-owner of GSW, is also co-owner of the Dodgers.

Watching Steph & wife Ayesha was like watching a promo featuring their bonding with Oakland and went well.

Reading Curry's comments, this one in particular got my attention:

"I’ve been out here … I just finished my 13th year," Curry said, "and to be able to say I’ve played for one team my entire career, and also to say between the 10 years in Oakland and these last three years in San Francisco, I can honestly say how special this place is. Also, there’s a huge need here that we can really kind of tackle some of those challenges, and do it in a meaningful way. Honestly, I don’t want to leave ever. I want this to be my one and only home, and even thinking about what happens after basketball is done."

So Lacob & Curry as co-owners of the A's suddenly has a foundation.

Curry's salary at GSW will total $440,000,000.00 with $215 mil coming over the next 4 years.
Curry's business investments may exceed his GSW earnings:


Lacob & Fisher lunch on occasion and talk business.
A co-ownership of Lacob - Fisher - Curry makes a lot of sense.
Fisher wants the Coliseum lands to build a complete renovation of the areas directly surrounding the A's and the Howard Terminal A's Stadium expansion to Jack London Square.

The NEW tax dollars this generates for Oakland & Alameda County would be staggering.
Once that project nears completion he probably sells like he did with the SF Giants.
The trust factor must be high in such undertakings and that seems to be present.
Even non-owner Guber's guidance is accessible since he is in a different leage and outside of the A's ownership.

As with anything, win-win-win-wins are good.