Timing is everything

Getting your timing right doesn't just apply to hitters, it also applies to fans and I have failed badly.

I've been in a long distance relationship with the A's for 30+ years. Why the A's? They just happened to win the World Series the year that I was born, and that was all the reason I needed to pick the team that I've supported for my whole baseball life.

This year my wife are travelling to America for the first time to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. First stop is the Oakland Coliseum on September 6th to watch the A's v Braves (my wifes team). Now you understand why my timing is an epic fail. All of the amazing players and competitive teams that I have supported from afar, and now when I finally get to see them live it's this rag tag bunch.

I thought about trying to reach out to the A's to see if they would do anything for a long term long distance fan, but I'm not sure that they really care about their fans any more.

So instead I'm reaching out to the A's community to at least get some advice on how to make the most out of watching a terrible team at an antiquated stadium. The only thing I know for sure is that we're taking the BART to the game.

How early should we arrive?

Where would you suggest we sit?

Where is the best place to buy A's merch?

Whats your advice for stadium food/drink?

As an extra bonus we're finishing our trip in Vegas and will be going to an Aviators game, so if anyone has any good advice for that game I'm keen to hear it. My wife insisted we go to the Aviators clutch purse giveaway, so if you know how early you need to arrive for the giveaway then you might help my wedding survive another 20 years.

Go the A's