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Elephant Rumblings: Who’s looking at Montas with the trade deadline looming?

MLB news roundup

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

Frankie Montas has been day-to-day since the start of the month, after a one-inning appearance ended with the righty exiting with shoulder issues. Despite missing a pair of starts since, trade talk has continued to abound for the A’s biggest chip. As Montas looks ready to rejoin the team soon, there’s a chance that he may end up making one of his next starts for an entirely different team.

As The Athletic’s Andy McCullough gets into, A’s GM David Forst has been happy to wait for the right offer to come along for Frankie. With a full 2023 season still under team control, there’s a lot that the A’s could get in return for Montas, and they’re content to get the right offer. If Montas gets moved before the August 2 deadline, it’ll likely be for AA and AAA talent that will feed into the usual quick-turnaround rebuild. If Frankie doesn’t move this season, then he gets to try and help the A’s stay away from the bottom of the league before getting flipped in the offseason or next summer.

Were Montas to be shuttled away, McCullough lists the current top options, some having longstanding interest in Frankie, some with a recent need for a reliable arm to pad their season. For the teams in specific need of a pitcher, there’s the Blue Jays, the Cardinals, the Mets, and the Padres. Some are more desperate like the Jays and Cards, who have both had half of their rotations more or less disappear.

For those just looking to bolster a rotation, more or less because they can, there’s the Dodgers, Red Sox and Twins. All three of them have means and functioning rotations, but would love to add an arm like Montas to help solidify their playoff spots. It seems like the less likely case for these teams to make the move, as a lack of desperation means less of a need to part with the prospects the A’s will be asking for.

Frankie getting dealt is no guarantee, especially after his ill-timed injury absence this month, but the trade deadline frenzy may reach enough of a peak that he could command the return that the A’s are looking for. At the very least, these assuredly won’t be the last trade whispers about Frankie Montas.

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