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MLB Draft 2022: Evaluating Drew Gilbert and Jacob Melton as potential A’s picks

Gilbert and Melton
Gilbert: Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images ... Melton: Photo by Zac BonDurant/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I am not a scout.

I’m not scouting the players I’m going to write about, I’m evaluating scouting reports being made by a number of people getting PAID to scout amateur players and then talk about them to the masses for a multi-billion dollar sports entertainment industry. I use Baseball America’s Tools report on everyone because they are the most consistent at giving a grade for every tool to each player.

The player rankings are accurate as of July 10th, and any changes to the scouting reports after that may or may not make the finished product. I will make it extremely clear when I’m voicing my opinion and not pulling directly from the various scouting reports. My goal is to find a Win for Oakland at 1.19. The A’s need to hit a solid double in the gap to drive in a couple runs; swinging for the fences here would be a mistake.

Last time we looked at two local college outfielders, Dylan Beavers (Cal) and Brock Jones (Stanford). Let’s continue with two more college outfielders, this time from out of state.

Drew Gilbert, OF, Tennessee

  • Bats/Throws: Left/Left
  • Height/Weight: 5’9, 185
  • DOB: 9/27/2000
  • 2022: 58 Games Played. 244 PA. 362/455/673. 21 Doubles/4 Triples/11 Homeruns. 33 BB/32 K.


  • Keith Law: #18
  • Baseball America: #21
  • MLB/Jim Callis: #32
  • Prospects Live: #16


  • Hit: 55
  • Power: 50
  • Run: 55
  • Field: 55
  • Arm: 60

“In 2022 he’s been the best hitter on the best team in college baseball, and he’s got the physical tools to back it up.” ~ Baseball America 7/6/2022


Rarely swings and misses. Rarely chases outside the zone. Low whiff rate across all pitch types. High exit velocities but what happens away from aluminum bats? Power primarily to pull side. Maxed out physically. Solid to Plus grades in CF. Good instincts and reads on defense. Sparkplug type at the top of the lineup. No experience with wood bats.

Grover’s Take:

Gilbert might not have quite the ceiling as some of the other outfield prospects available at 1.19 but he’s the most likely to carve out a 10-year starting career in the Show. If a leadoff hitting CF isn’t a high enough ceiling for the A’s than they’re being stupid greedy with the pick. He turns 22 a couple months after the Draft so the expectation would be for him to move quickly, especially since his swing won’t need an overhaul. Barring someone dropping unexpectedly, Drew Gilbert is the smart pick at 1.19.

Jacob Melton, OF, Oregon St.

  • Bats/Throws: Left/Left
  • Height/Weight: 6’3, 208
  • DOB: 9/7/2000
  • 2022: 63 Games Played. 295 PA. 360/424/671. 22 Doubles/4 Triples/17 Homeruns. 26 BB/51 K.


  • Keith Law: #25
  • Baseball America: #25
  • MLB/Jim Callis: #39
  • Prospects Live: #40


  • Hit: 50
  • Power: 55
  • Run: 60
  • Field: 50
  • Arm: 50

“He’s a premium athlete… (and) hasn’t shown a platoon split.” Keith Law 7/10/2022


Swing features an open stance, leg kick, and other moving parts. But there’s plenty of bat speed and the barrel stays in the zone a long time. Swing is geared for loft and has all-fields power. Could be Plus (60) Power. Will expand the zone and there is swing and miss vs. breaking stuff. “Hammered” fastballs, especially the 93+ variety. Should stick in CF but has played all over in the outfield and 1st base.

Grover’s Take:

The thing that pops for me is no platoon split. Melton might not be as sure a thing in CF as Gilbert or Jones, but a 50-Hit / 55-Power profile can play in the corners. The guy has done nothing but hit for the past two college seasons and could have equal Power and Run grades as Beavers/Jones. He turns 22 in September and the hope would be that he could move quickly ala Zack Gelof. If Gilbert is off the board then Melton should be next up on the list.