"White Knight" A's Sale?

Are the Fishers setting up a "White Knight" sale to new ownership? ...possibly the Lacobs?

The current statis of the franchise and the participants involvements and history makes for a classic "White Knight" franchise take-over:
  • Per fans: Cheap, no-good current owners could care less about the team & fans.
  • A's Salaries are minimal, $48 mil, with 6-7 free agents leading to even less, ...$40 mil in '23?
  • MLB Revenue sharing is kicking in over the next 4 years: $15mil. - $30m - $45m - $60m ...quite possibly more!
  • Someone, possibly Lacob? ...takes over and is perceived as the "White Knight", ...rescuing the Athletics and guiding its young roster to a wide open future.
  • The Fishers head up re-construction of the new stadium & massive project of the surrounding area & renovations.
  • They already own/control half the coliseum lands via the transfer by Alameda County.
  • This definitely fits the Fishers' business history/profile.
  • It also fits Lacob's multi-sport interests if they haven't changed over the rlast 5 years. Google this: "Joe Lacob buy Oakland A’s". Many recurrent mentions over the last dozen years speak to his interest in the A's.
  • A win-win-win-win, ...East Bay, JLS, HT Stadium, Oakland, MLB, A's, Fishers, Lacob, Fans... A comfortable fit for all?
  • BART hook-up will be the hardest part, ...Jack London Square and east bay will all benefit also so it seems inevitable, just a question of time.
IMO: It has become obvious Fisher is no longer interested in MLB franchise ownership. Those lands & the re-construction rights for the entire renovation project are of greater interest.

It also seems like the best thing that can happen for Oakland, JLS/East Bay, fans, Fishers, Lacob, everyone currently involved...

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