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Elephant Rumblings: SF BCDC to vote on Howard Terminal port designation today

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Port Of Oakland

Happy Thursday, Athletics Nation!

The next big hurdle for the A’s Howard Terminal ballpark can be cleared today. The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission is set to vote at a 9 a.m. meeting to re-designate the land the Athletics look to build on. While zoning doesn’t seem like a make-or-break thing in most situations, if BCDC were to vote against designating the port land then that would be the end of the Howard Terminal project as we know it.

Thankfully for a do-or-die vote, things look good for the new designation. Based off BCDC’s last recommendation it seems that the vote will go in the A’s favour. The vote needs a two-thirds majority (18/27 votes) to be passed, but this still seems likely to happen from the current temperament of the commission. This will move the ball back to Oakland City Council’s court as the process continues to head toward a final approval for the A’s to start building.

The timeline for approvals after today does start to tighten, as both the Athletics and the pro-stadium members of city council want to have the process complete before the municipal election in November. Council has a study session scheduled for early September that will be focused on finances for the Howard Terminal project. As well there are still three lawsuits that need to be resolved for the project to continue. If you want a fleshed out timeline for what’s expected, I recommend this video from the always informative Casey Pratt.

Check back later today for updates on the vote.


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