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Checking in with some former A’s in 2022

How are our old friends doing on their new teams?

San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves Photo by Brett Davis/Getty Images

We’re about a quarter of the way into the 2022 season, and the Oakland A’s have a 16-24 record as they rebuild with their latest wave of prospects and misfit toys.

In the meantime, what about our old favorites? Several stars were traded away over the offseason, and half the roster departed via free agency. Lets check in and see how they’re doing through the first several weeks! The point isn’t to dwell on what they might have done here if they’d stayed, nor to gloat about anybody who’s slumping early, just to say hi and catch up.

  • Matt Olson, ATL: .255/.373/.447, 132 wRC+, 4 HR, 16.0% BB, 20.7% Ks
  • Matt Chapman, TOR: .185/.272/.362, 85 wRC+, 6 HR, 10.2% BB, 25.9% Ks

The Matts are yet to fully break out for their new clubs. Olson is hitting well but hasn’t quite flexed his power, while Chapman has cut down his strikeouts but is batting into some bad luck, as the Statcast metrics say he’s crushing the ball as well as ever. They both have slightly positive WAR values so far, though Chapman isn’t yet posting his usual bonkers defensive metrics.

  • Mark Canha, NYM: .294/.376/.392, 131 wRC+, 3 HR, 8.5% BB, 20.5% Ks
  • Starling Marte, NYM: .266/.311/.403, 111 wRC+, 3 HR, 5 SB, 3.4% BB, 17.6% Ks

Both of the new Mets are producing a bit in New York. Canha missed a few games in April and has gotten some off-days in May, and his walks and power and exit velocity are all down, but he’s still grinding out hits for now. Marte isn’t getting on base or stealing much yet, and he’s already been caught four times, but his batting line is still above-average.

  • Josh Harrison, CHW: .164/.247/.274, 58 wRC+, 0 HR, 3.7% BB, 13.4% Ks
  • Yan Gomes, CHC: .266/.288/.422, 100 wRC+, 2 HR, 3.0% BB, 19.7% Ks
  • Aramis Garcia, CIN: .178/.213/.267, 32 wRC+, 1 HR, 4.3% BB, 34.0% Ks

Slow start for Harrison, but Gomes is doing alright with the Cubs. Garcia has played 18 games for the Reds.

  • Chris Bassitt, NYM: 2.77 ERA, 48⅔ ip, 49 Ks, 13 BB, 6 HR, 3.79 FIP
  • Sean Manaea, SDP: 3.77 ERA, 43 ip, 50 Ks, 14 BB, 5 HR, 3.25 FIP

Both starters are looking great with their new clubs. Bassitt has another tiny ERA, and Manaea is working on a career-high in strikeouts. Manaea also had a seven-inning no-hit effort in his season debut, though that early in the year he wasn’t given the chance to go for the complete game.

  • Andrew Chafin, DET: 2.35 ERA, 7⅔ ip, 10 Ks, 1 BB, 0 HR, 0.87 FIP
  • Jake Diekman, BOS: 2.92 ERA, 12⅓ ip, 17 Ks, 10 BB, 2 HR, 5.36 FIP
  • Sergio Romo, SEA: 1.80 ERA, 5 ip, 4 Ks, 0 BB, 0 HR, 1.49 FIP

The relievers haven’t pitched much yet, but Chafin and Diekman are doing about what they usually do. Chafin has converted all four of his hold opportunities, while Diekman has a save and eight holds but has blown three chances. Romo already missed a month to a shoulder problem but is back in action, and he’s converted two holds. In addition, Yusmeiro Petit signed late with the Padres and is getting warmed up in the minors, with five Triple-A outings over the past couple weeks.

  • Marcus Semien, TEX: .175/.236/.231, 40 wRC+, 0 HR, 7.0% BB, 17.2% Ks
  • Liam Hendriks, CHW: 3.93 ERA, 18⅓ ip, 28 Ks, 5 BB, 3 HR, 3.15 FIP
  • Jesús Luzardo, MIA: 4.03 ERA, 29 ip, 41 Ks, 16 BB, 4 HR, 3.71 FIP
  • Frank Schwindel, CHC: .228/.258/.323, 65 wRC+, 2 HR, 3.8% BB, 22.0% Ks

Bonus round! A few more slightly less recent A’s. Semien is off to a rough start in Texas, especially in his new home park, and he’s yet to homer. Hendriks has a high ERA so far but is a solid 12-for-15 in saves. Luzardo was off to a promising start through six games but went on the injured list last weekend with a forearm strain. As for Schwindel, he had a brief stint in Oakland last summer before going to the Cubs and enjoying a sudden breakout for a couple months. Hopefully the rest of the season goes better for all of them!

One more update, the most important of them all: Bob Melvin is returning to the Padres dugout after his prostate surgery.