Former A's Quarterly Updates

Whats up A's fam. I have been following how some of our former (and my fav) players have been doing. Lets play some armchair GM and discuss the moves! Ill be going over some hitter and pitchers who were home grown are close to (no write up on Harrison or Marte, although I loved watching them in the green and gold last year). This isn't necessarily a who won/lost the trade, just an update on how they are doing. Ill try and do it again at the halfway point. LETS GO OAKLAND!!!

Matt Chapman - Toronto Blue Jays
BA: .185 OBP: .266 OPS: .637 WAR: 0.3
This one hurts to see. Chappy was my favorite player since his debut. I fell in love with him and his style of play from the get go, simply to when La Potencia was patrolling the outfield and winning HR derbies. If you look at Chappy pre and post injury you have to wonder, will he ever get back to that 2018/2019 MYP style of play? I used to think we were close to having the AL version of Arenado on our team, but the bat never consistently matched the level of the glove. The more I see him struggle, the more I am glad he turned down the 10/150 contract. I hope he figures it out and get back to the MVP caliber of play he once showed, but I wont hold my breath.

Matt Olson - Atlanta Braves
BA: .254 OBP: .365 OPS: .813 WAR: 0.6
The one that got away....I am always wondering, if the A's made the contract to Oly that they did to Chappy, does he take it? Most likely not. Matty-O has continued the excellent play he displayed here at the last dive bar and I couldn't be happier. I have always had a man crush on Old but come on, who doesn't? The hair, the eyes, the smile, the swing!!! Matty-O had it all. He would rake, play a slick glove, and looked great doping it. I think the braves got a steal with the acquisition and contract they gave him. He deserves every penny and I hope to see him get some post season hardware and a commissioners trophy before his career is over. Braves fans, trust me when I say, I know what its like to watch a fan favorite leave, but you may have gotten an upgrade with your replacement.

Marcus Semien - Texas Rangers
BA: .162 OBP: .224 OPS: 439 WAR: -0.2
This is another tough one to watch. Marcus was our local boy, wanted to stay in Oakland, and even though I agree Marcus last year would have helped us tremendously, I would have been very nervous to give him a contract like Texas did. Marcus had a career year playing in Toronto last year, but honestly, how many of us thought he would be capable to sustain that for even half the length of his deal from Texas. I hope he figures it out, but at the same time he is playing for a division rival so I am not too upset with his struggles. I am glad the local boy got paid though! Remember fans, always side with the players over owners.

Chris Bassitt
ERA: 2.34 GS:7 IP: 42.1 WHIP 1.01 WAR: 1.4
What can you say about C-Bass? From being an up and down reliever, swing man spot starter, to establishing himself as the ACE of the past pitching staffs. C-Bass was traded to Oakland East, AKA the NYM's. Ill be rooting hard for oakland east, and im stoked to see Bassitt continuing his great pitching on the other coast. In 7 games started he is 4-2, had a great ERA, and is averaging about 6 innings a game, which may grow as he gets stretched out. His worst game of the year was against the Giants, when he gave up 5 earned in 6 innings. Besides that, he hasn't given up more than 3 in a start. Once the Mets get fully healthy in the rotation, I expect him to settle into that 3rd slot and shine. Im looking forward to seeing the post season version of C-Bass in Queens.

Sean Manaea
ERA: 3.77 GS: 7 IP: 43 WHIP: 1.11 WAR: 0.2
What a first impression with your new team! 55 came out of the gate hot, throwing 7 no hit innings in his first regular season start with the Friars. After that start he has returned to earth a bit, pitching to his career averages. He has only had 1 stinker of a game, gibing up 6 earned in 4.1 inning vs the Dodgers. Besides that, he has given his team a chance to win every time he has gone out, giving up no more than 3 earned. He seems to be the same pitcher he was here in the town, consistently competing, with the occasional dominating start and a WTF game sprinkled in as well. I dont think we will see much of an improvement in his game. I think he tops out as a #3 starter, and I am sure hes loving pitching and living in San Diego. I have been around the world twice, and there is no other place I would rather live that the bay, but San Diego is a close second.

Jesus Luzardo
ERA: 4.03 GS 6 IP: 29 WHIP: 1.17 WAR: 0.3
The trade of baby lizard for Starling was one that was met with debate. The payer we acquired did everything and more when he showed up, but to give away so much team control of what could be an ACE was a tough pill to swallow. I, for one, am glad to have swallowed that pill. Some may say it was pointless since the A's failed to qualify for the post season but I say boo to that. It was so much watching Marte Olay in the Fort Knox gold, Kelly Green, and Wedding White. HE had such a presence in the box and on the base paths, and a swag that was second to none. I hope he continues to play an exciting brand of baseball for the New York A's and that him and C-Bass have a great season together. Now about that lizard...Unfortunately, it looks like the injury bug has bitten him, with being placed on the IL with a forearm strain. Here's hoping its not another TJ procedure for him. Before he went down it looks like he was the same pitcher for the Marlins as he was for the A's. Flashes of ACE stuff, problems with the long ball, and no being able to pitch deep into games. I was fine with the trade because it gave us a chance to win now. We all knew the roster blow up was coming, so whats the point of MAYBE having an ace on a team that has a minimal chance of reaching the post season. I hope he develops into the ace that we have all seen flashes of, and here's to a speed recovery. Jesus was my homeboy, best of luck to him.