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Elephant Rumblings: MLB suspends Trevor Bauer for 2 seasons

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the dang weekend, Athletics Nation!

Yesterday the A’s took on the Guardians, losing 9-8. But the big baseball news of the day was about a former Guardians player: on Friday MLB announced a formal 324-game suspension of Trevor Bauer under the Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy.

Bauer hasn’t seen game action since the midway point of last season. At that time he was placed on administrative leave by MLB while the league led an investigation into sexual assault claims against Bauer.

As covered by Alden Gonzalez for ESPN, after winning the Cy Young award in 2020 Bauer signed a three-year deal with the Dodgers. He has been paid through his administrative leave as it was extended a week at a time by agreement between MLB and MLBPA. Under this suspension Bauer will no longer be paid, and the length sets it to cover past the remainder of his contract with the Dodgers.

Bauer has appealed the suspension, contrary to most of these announcements where the suspension has already been agreed to by the player. Notably, Bauer’s suspension does not act to retroactively cover any of the time he already spent on administrative leave. Were there to be a retroactive suspension made through the appeals process, Bauer could theoretically be on the hook to pay back 99 games worth of salary to the Dodgers.

The appeal process under the Domestic Violence Policy does not allow for the player to play during the appeal, unlike PED appeals. After news of the suspension came out, the Washington Post reported on a previously unknown set of accusations levied against Bauer from a woman in Ohio.

For now we will have to wait and see what comes from the appeal process, but it is very unlikely we will see Bauer on a ballfield any time soon.

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