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Elephant Rumblings: Pache wins Twitter with kindness

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants
pr 27, 2022; San Francisco, California, USA; Oakland Athletics center fielder Cristian Pache (20) flexes towards the Athletics dugout after hitting a triple against the San Francisco Giants during the seventh inning at Oracle Park.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, Athletics Nation!

Twitter: it’s not exactly a paradigm of civil discourse. But it is a decent place to scour for news, provided you are adept at filtering out nonsense and misinformation. You might also occasionally encounter acts of kindness to brighten your day, such as when A’s rookie centerfielder Cristian Pache engaged with an avid young fan last Sunday and later took the time to meet him in person. Daniel Brown at the Athletic recounted the heartwarming episode yesterday.

Pache got off to a rocky start on social media in the wake being traded to the A’s by the Atlanta Braves with this awkwardly worded albeit well-meaning tweet:

The first two sentences weren’t likely to endear Cristian to his new team’s fans. But he quickly made amends with plenty of Oakland-positive sentiments and a joyfully exuberant spirit on and off the field—not to mention his elite speed and defensive prowess.

Anyone who still doubted that Pache is as nice a guy as you’ll find in baseball—or on Twitter—should have no doubts after he responded graciously to this tweet from fourth-grader Jaden Solis of Gridley, California.

After learning that Solis planned to attend last Sunday’s game at the Coliseum, Pache made arrangements to meet Jadon and his family on the field before the game:

Everything went well according to plans and both Cristian and Jaden used a photo from the meeting as their profile pics. The exchange went viral in the best way, and Pache now has this tweet pinned at the top of his Twitter page.

Jaden’s parents shared their deep appreciation of the moment afterwards:

Cristian Pache is a class act with a heart of gold, and I’m willing to bet he’ll have the glove to match before long. I hope he (and the A’s) remain in Oakland for a long time!

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