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Elephant Rumblings: ‘Deadlocked’ MLB expected to cancel more games

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Lockout The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Monday, Athletics Nation!

I mean, it’s not as if we didn’t see more gridlock coming, so it shouldn’t ruin our day, week, month, or even year. Right?

The league responded with indignation to the MLBPA’s latest formal proposal yesterday, reported Bob Nightengale of USA Today. The players made some new concessions on rule changes, but little was offered on the economic front, and per Nightengale the league is expected to cancel another week of games in April. MLB spokesman Glen Caplin declared the union offer “worse than [last] Monday night,” and said that “on some issues, they even went backwards.”

The union took exception to this characterization, highlighting a laundry list of the concessions they’ve made throughout the negotiations, including those introduced in Sunday’s proposal:

  • The players offered the league rights to implement three rule changes with just 45 days notice instead of a full year. These changes include a pitch clock, a ban on the shift, and enlarged bases. Notably, the players have not acquiesced to the league’s push to automate the strike zone.
  • The union lowered its demand for a pre-arbitration bonus pool from $85 to $80 million.

No new proposals were made on minimum salary, nor the thorny issue of the competitive balance tax. The league and players remain distant on these points, so yesterday’s proposal may suggest that the players will stand firm on the economic issues, though they may be willing to get creative and give ground in other areas, as they have also suggested an expanded postseason may still be on the table.

Despite the league’s scorn for Sunday’s offer, they indicated a potential willingness to raise the competitive balance tax threshold in exchange for “a variety of adjustments” in their favor, according to Ken Rosenthal.

My sense is that we will see a further shortened season along with more baby steps on negotiations this week.

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