MLB Exhibitions & the Oakland Oaks

Are the A's a Travel Team yet? If not now how long before it is? Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oakland,

Cities don't own MLB teams; owners will never permit that.

Are all MLB teams Travel Teams with the communities served merely short-term leases coupled to a permanent brick & mortar stadium?

Even the players rarely originate in the community served of any MLB team. Players from other nations consistently outnumber local players. It isn't even close.

A more honest approach by MLB would be to admit it is an entertainment provider of 30 traveling teams. The teams should drop "City designations" and use franchise names only: A's, Yankees, Guardians, Astros, Dodgers.... The team schedules would be split evenly over the stadiums they visit: Approximately 5 games for each team's visit per stadium, per year would produce a 150-game season.

What difference does the "city" make? It just dates when the jersey was printed.

International mercenaries are paid tp wear the jerseys with a city name on them for franchises that may shortly need new Jerseys with different locations printed on them.

Baseball in its present form is really an exhibition more than anything else. NFL, NBA, ...all "Pro" sports.

Oakland Oaks was probably the last team of very many actual Oaklanders, ...or maybe not even then?