Sad News in the Gallo World.

La Sra. Gallina, mother of Alex_Lewis, has been diagnosed with ALS, about two years into it. She and master Gallo re-married about two years ago, after we both retired, she from an IT career. Most of you know what ALS is, and you know that it has an arch without medical interference.

This will be a challenge for her and for Gallo, however long it lasts. She already has lost much motor control and some cognitive functions. The docs tell her not to drive. She can't use her hands well, which means no cooking. Gallo must open all containers. Doors and stairs are a serious challenge. The whole thing is a serious challenge, and it makes her very sad. She, and Gallo, are both 71.

I hope I'm up to it.

On a positive note, we went to Oakland Arena this week and saw The Pentonix Christmas show. It was great.