Well, Billy - How's it going now?

Hey guy,

No one remembers your playing career. it was like a 5 minute deal. I love you and I always will. I was there and I am here now.

Your trades are not working out. Many years. They know about you guys and then you do stuff like give away Matt Olson. In return, the A's get the SECOND best minor league catcher from the Braves. And then the Braves get hecking Matt Olson.

You were in a movie with Brad Pitt or something, and then you now trade for guys that don't get on base.


Yankee trades were always worse and never should there EVER be an A'S vs. Yankee trade EVER again. This idea is embedded in A's history, you defied it when you traded Sonny, and yep...A's didn't get ANY of those young Yankees for Sonny. Nope.


Dude? Move the team to just get along and to go along with the super rich?


So hecking great when Mark Davis genuflected about right wing dorkus Sheldon Hecking Adelson helped him understand how it would be okay to move the football team.

I am not done with this and, Billy, I really hope you aren't either.

Oakland A's.