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Elephant Rumblings: Vote for the A’s best players of 2022

MLB news roundup

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Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Athletics Nation!

The A’s 2022 season is officially over. It was pretty dismal overall: the team’s 60-102 record was the second-worst in Oakland A’s history.

But even a season such as this has its silver linings. Many of us get a lot of satisfaction from watching prospects vie for futures as everyday big leaguers. And no matter how bad the team may have been as a whole, much has been achieved on an individual level that merits recognition.

It is in this spirit that I am polling the AN community to determine the A’s best players in the following categories:

  • A’s MVP
  • A’s Cy Young
  • A’s Rookie of the Year
  • A’s Gold Glove
  • A’s Captain

Here’s how to vote: for each category, you may either nominate a player or ‘rec’ an existing nomination. Feel free to include the reasons for your nomination when you post it—perhaps you will sway a fellow community member to support your point of view! Please be careful not to make duplicate nominations. I won’t count them or any recs they receive!

So if you are the first person reading this, you can make five nominations in five separate comments. The next person can rec any nominations they agree with and/or post new comments to nominate other players. You can also comment on a nomination you agree or (respectfully) disagree with to try to shape fellow community members’ opinions or influence their votes, but of course every vote will count once cast!

To sum up the voting process: you vote by rec’ing the nominations of your choice, or by making a nomination yourself if you are sure nobody else has already done so. I will trust everyone to vote for just one player in each category. Make sense?

Winners will be announced beginning on Friday. Let the deliberations begin!

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