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Chris Bassitt resumes throwing after facial surgery

“I don’t need my face to pitch,” said Bassitt on Thursday

Oakland Athletics Summer Workouts
Photo from July 2020
Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Oakland A’s pitcher Chris Bassitt is clear that he hopes to play again this season, after a scary incident in which he was hit in the face by a line drive and needed surgery. Now he’s taken the next step toward that incredible goal.

Bassitt resumed throwing on Thursday with a flat-ground session, reports Matt Kawahara of the S.F. Chronicle, who notes that Bassitt commented “Yeah I’m good” afterward. He threw around 20 pitches, adds Shayna Rubin of the Mercury News. Next on the schedule is a bullpen session on Saturday, per insider Martin Gallegos.

When asked how many bullpen sessions it might take before he can get back in a game, the right-hander replied, “That’s a question for our front office. I’m hoping one. They may have a different view.”

More from Bassitt:

“From a medical clearance side, that’s done. The lasting effects will be months, for nerve damage and all that to heal up. I kind of joked around a little bit, ‘I don’t need my face to pitch,’ so we’re good. As long as the doctors say I’m good to go. I’m good to go.”

Whether he will indeed pitch again this season is still yet to be determined, with only 22 games remaining, but either way this is an encouraging development. The injury occurred just over three weeks ago, and he’s already charging down the road to recovery with his sights set on the Coliseum mound.