Call up Nick Allen!

At what point do we pull the plug on the Elvis Andrus experience? He's got the 13th lowest WAR in all of baseball and even in his June/early July "hot streak" he hit for a below league average wRC+. Sure he's been very unlucky this season when he hits the ball hard but those hard hits are few and far between to go along with walking at a horrible rate. We're clearly sacrificing the future to go all in on the year, so why would we let our best SS option stew in AA/AAA. All Nick Allen has done in 2019 and 2021 has hit while drawing better walk rates than Andrus. Then he goes up and wins All-Olympic honors. He's also considered to be maybe the best defensive prospect in all of the minor leagues which in itself would be an upgrade over Andrus, not to mention that he would also have Olson being a vacuum to any bad throws at first, and Chapman to his right, allowing him to play more up the middle. Money should not be an issue for benching Andrus, we cut Billy Butler with more cash on his tab. To make room I would DFA and likely release Moreland who has also been a negative asset, and is only owed about a $1M for the rest of the season. Calling up Allen would give us maybe the greatest defensive infield of all time, as well as making us a better team for today.