ROSTER KHRUSH? Rosters expand to 28 Players Wed. 9/1

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My anticipations:

Pitching: is set @ 13. I would be tempted to switch Smith out for Acevedo. Especially if Acevedo is as ready as his stats appear at AAA. Remember he is pitching this impressively for LV, …a launching pad for opposing offenses.

27th man: Offense: Khrush?
If Khrush's physical issues are truly over like the AAA stats seem to indicate, we need Khrush's bat back in the A's anemic hitting lineups yesterday. A performance based team option for 2022 & 2023 would make a very agreeable contract for A's & Khrush.

28th Man: 3rd Catcher?
Aramis Garcia? I'll pass.
Austin Allen? Yes!
But he was hurt in yesterday's game. Not sure how serious? He has been killing the ball at AAA and I like the idea of a healthy Khrush & Allen getting Moreland's DH at bats.
Which also leads me to the following:

- DFA Moreland?
If A's bring back Seth & Khrush + Allen then Moreland is truly redundant and wasting a roster spot as playoffs near. Especially redundant considering his bat only seems to contribute after others have already secured the A's leads.
(In other words: His outs populate A's losses abundantly.)
Lets see these others get some DH at bats and have it carry over to our 2022 line ups.

- Late Innings Rally Killing OF Option instead of DH Moreland?
(Considering Ramon Laureano is out until 2022) It is Very Tempting to give Moreland's roster spot to Buddy Reed and create a shut down OF defense with late innings substitutions.
When the A's have the late innings lead you want airtight D from the outfield.
Late Innings D: CF: Reed, RF: Marte, LF: Seth.
Others: Canha, Pinder. Harrison, Kemp.
I'd like to see Reed give us this same defensive option in 2022 & beyond.
(FA Marte probably leaving for more $ / longer term contract)

2022 FAs: Returning:
I'm thinking Canha finishes 2021 weak & might do a home team discount. Gomes, Harrison & Petit all re-sign as does closer Rosenthal. (Rosenthal IF the A's make & compete in 2021 playoffs.)

2022 FAs: Leaving:
Fiers, Romo, Moreland, Marte opts for more $ / long term contract, Lowrie tires over a 162 game season so A's probably opt for other options.

2021 needs things to break right.
2022 is looking better & better.

Agree? Disagree? Your thoughts & comments are encouraged.