Top 10 Prospects - Mid-Season Version

Well, a LOT has happened since we voted the Top 30 Prospects in the offseason, the draft added some talent, some prospect stock fell or raised based on performance and some were used to bring reinforcements at the trade deadline. So I think it would be a good exercise to update the ranking, at least with the top 10 prospects.

1. Tyler Soderstrom - C - Low A - 55 grade per MLB. Probably the biggest change comes at the top, Tyler Soderstrom has proven to be our best prospect, hands down. His hitting tool proved to be outstanding and he is even considered now a top 50 prospect at national level. His catching needs a LOT of work, but him staying behind the plate was always a stretch, so we can probably see a position change if his catching skills don't match his bat.

2. A.J. Puk - LHP - Triple A - 50. Yeah, yeah, many in AN don't consider Puk a top prospect anymore, but he still is, and still has the tools, and his last 6 weeks at Las Vegas is a sign that he can still be an impact pitcher, probably even this season. Allen and Muncy can be easily considered for this position, but I'll go with the huge ceiling Puk's stuff provides to the organization.

3. Nick Allen - SS - Double A - 50. Considered a defensive wizard with a light bat, that was enough to make him a top prospect on a weaken farm, but his bat has developed nicely and now he should be promoted to Triple A after the Olympics and we should see him in green and gold this coming Spring fighting for a roster spot.

4. Max Muncy - SS - Instructional - 50. The brand new toy with a very familiar name from this year's draft, Muncy's potential its enough to be considered a top 5 prospect here.

5. Daulton Jefferies - RHP - MLB - 50. Finally healthy, now Daulton is showing what he brings to the table for the A's, very solid control and command with a low 90's FB, he did suffer from pitching in hitters paradise in the PCL, but now with the big club, he is showing his real self, at least in his first outing.

6. Robert Puason - SS - Low A - 50. After a disastrous first month in the minors, Puason has being posting decent numbers, but his defensive performance is probably the most concerning development. He has committed 22 errors in Stockton, and reviews tell us that he didn't look either. I would keep him in the top 10 based purely on ceiling so a mulligan is in order, considering he is still only 18.

7. Zack Gelof - 3B - Instructional - 50. He might end up in the outfield, but the power potential is big with Gelof. Given the lack of impact prospects from here, I think this is an appropriate place for him in this ranking.

8. Logan Davidson - SS - Double A - 50. His defense is there, but his bat is still weak and he needs to improve if he wants to move up. If he moves up to Triple A, it would probably help his confidence as a hitter.

9. Jordan Diaz - 3B - High A - 45. One of the few that actually raised his stock during this year, the colombian 3B is posting nice numbers in a pitching friendly league.

10. Bryan Buelvas - OF - Low A - 45. Buelvas deserves a top 10 placement due to his ceiling, and he has performed well this season. Probably our best OF prospect now (waiting to see if Pineda can take that spot in the near future) he has shown flashes of his top rated defense in Stockton, with modest development of his bat.

Pedro Pineda, Colin Peluse and Miguel Romero could also being considered top 10 talent in our currently weak farm system, but these are my selections.