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Help Wanted: Athletics Nation is looking for writers

Join our team!

Oakland Athletics vs San Francisco Giants
If you can name this player from memory, that’s a good start
Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Hello Athletics Nation! We are looking to add new writers to the front page.

What does the position entail?

We are hiring for a number of roles, potentially including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Game Coverage
  • Daily Links
  • Editorials
  • Stats/Analysis
  • Minor Leagues
  • Howard Terminal Stadium Project

A particular position might focus on just one of those areas, or cover multiple topics, all on an agreed-upon schedule. We are also open to discussing help with social media and podcasting.

These positions are all for independent contractors, working remotely, paid with a monthly stipend based upon expected production.

What are the qualifications needed?

Among the qualities we’re looking for:

  • Passion for Oakland A’s baseball
  • Good writing skills, and the ability to write and edit clean copy
  • Work as part of a team, but in a remote environment

Previous experience is not necessary. Of course it doesn’t hurt, but these positions are available to anybody even if you’ve never written professionally before.

How to apply

Please fill out this form to apply. It includes spots for you to explain why and how you’d like to contribute to Athletics Nation, and why you’re a suitable candidate, including space to upload a résumé and writing sample.

Beyond that official application form, the FanPost section of Athletics Nation exists as a way to further get our attention. It is open to all community members and can be used to demonstrate your writing ability.

If you have further questions, you can reach me (Alex Hall) via email at, or ask in the comments section below.