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Game Thread #97: A’s vs. Angels


Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Oakland A’s overcame Shohei Ohtani and beat the Los Angeles Angels last night, and now the teams will meet again Tuesday afternoon. This is only a two-game series, with the whole thing taking place in the span of 21 hours.

But honestly it’s difficult to think about the game. The Oakland City Council is meeting right now, and voting on the term sheet for the A’s proposed new ballpark project, and everyone involved is giving their public responses. It’s not looking good, or maybe it is, I don’t even know anymore and it’s driving me fucking insane. I’m not even sure which side’s arguments I agree with at this point and I have no mental or emotional bandwidth left to deal with it.

There are only three instances all season of a Tuesday afternoon getaway game, and one of them coincidentally happened to be today during perhaps the most important political vote in the franchise’s recent history. Take me out to the ballgame, or maybe just take me out, either way is fine.

A’s lineup (home)

  1. LF Won’t be on the 2022 A’s (R)
  2. SS Elvis Andrus (R)
  3. 1B Won’t be on the 2023 A’s (L)
  4. DH Might already be a hologram (S)
  5. CF Won’t be on 2023 A’s (R)
  6. 3B Won’t be on 2023 A’s (R)
  7. C Won’t be on 2024 A’s (R)
  8. RF Only occasionally on 2021 A’s (R)
  9. 2B Replacement Player (R)
  • RHP James Kaprielian


Angels lineup (away)

  1. 2B Somehow (R)
  2. DH Not (L)
  3. 1B Enough (L)
  4. C To (R)
  5. CF Ever (L)
  6. LF Win (R)
  7. RF Anything (L)
  8. SS Every (R)
  9. 3B Year (S)
  • LHP Jose Suarez

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