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Well Sooprize, Sooprize, Soo-PRIZE!

Syndication: Indianapolis
Since we’re Nabors, let’s be friends.
Mykal McEldowney/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC

As the A’s Gomer Pyled up runs last night I got to thinking (which is never advised). “What are some stats that might surprise my A’s fan brethren?” I also got to musing about the island of lost dryer socks, and how Ben Stiller keeps getting work, but those are wonderings for another time. let’s stick to baseball, and some interesting A’s stats 59 games in…

That’s right folks, it’s time to play “Test Your A’s Smartz,” the game show that everyone is talking about, apparently either just after you leave the room or just before you enter. Make your guesses before looking, because cheaters never prosper except in 2017 and every time a pitcher touches his cap…

“Overused Relievers”

How many appearances, and how many innings, are Jake Diekman and Yusemiero Peit on pace for?

The answer: For Diekman, 69 appearances and 67 IP, which is utterly reasonable. For Petit: 77 appearances and 84 innings, which is a fair amount but is almost identical to the 80 appearances and 83 innings Petit worked in 2019, and fewer innings then he worked in 2017 (91.1 IP) or 2018 (93 IP).

Strickout Pitchers

What % Of The A’s Rotation Is Striking Out More Than A Batter An Inning?

The answer: 80%, with Chris Bassitt (80 K, 74 IP), Frankie Montas (65 K, 63.2 IP)Sean Manaea (70 K, 69.2 IP), and James Kaprielian (22 K, 21.1 IP) making the cut. Jesus Luzardo would as well if he were in the rotation (37 K. 32 IP), Instead he joins Jake Diekman and the injured JB Wendelken to make fun of Deolis Guerra for being a near Miss (24 K, 24.1 IP).

Sacrifice Flies

Know who loves sacrifice flies? Sacrifice frogs, that’s who. Where do the A’s rank in the American League in sac flies?

The answer: Oakland is tied (with the Twins) for 3rd with 19 sacrifice flies, behind only the Astros (23) and the Royals (21). Situational baseball FTW.

Oh, Chappie…

What was Matt Chapman’s on base percentage in May?

The answer: For all the whiffing on fastballs down the middle, it was a rather respectable .324. So far in June it’s .357. He’s taking his walks.

Andrus vs. LHP

Obviously Elvis Andrus started miserably at the plate and has been very good of late. how is he faring for the season now against left-handed pitching?

The answer: Granted, small sample splits are super wonky, but it is still somewhat breathtaking to note that Andrus is batting .127/.164/.175 against southpaws, good ( or should I say bad) for -8 wRC+. For his career, Elvis has actually been better against LHP hitting a solid .276/.338/.388 (93 wRC+).

Just some fun facts to consume over the weekend. Any surprises? Did you nail any? (I mean these stats, not … Geez, get your mind out of the gutter.) Any idea what the major league record is for runs given up by a starting pitcher? Oh that reminds me, Cole Irvin is pitching at Coors Field tonight, 6:10pm, see you there.