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Elephant Rumblings: Steve Vucinich, A’s equipment manager, will retire after 54th season with team

MLB news roundup

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Atlanta Braves v Oakland Athletics

Good morning afternoon, Athletics Nation!

The Oakland A’s are off to a tough start to the 2021 season on the field, so let’s take a break from that for a peek behind the scenes. Today’s top story is actually from last week, but it’s too important to let pass by without a headline on AN.

On Wednesday, A’s equipment manager Steve Vucinich announced on A’s Cast that he will retire after spring training in 2022, relays Alex Coffey of The Athletic.

Vucinich joined the A’s in 1968, and 2021 will be his 54th season with the club. Matt Kawahara of the S.F. Chronicle details Vuc’s career:

Vucinich, 68, has been with the A’s as long as they have played in Oakland. He started with the team in 1968 as a sophomore in high school and worked as an assistant in the home clubhouse from 1969 through ’73. He was Oakland’s visiting clubhouse manager from 1974 through ’93 and is going into his 28th season as the A’s equipment manager.

Despite never playing an inning for the team, Vucinich is still a crucial part of A’s lore. He’s been there for literally the entire ride in Oakland, from the club’s arrival in 1968, through two dynasties in the 20th century, then the Moneyball era, and now the Bob Melvin Era, and everything in between. Consider that Connie Mack, renowned for his longevity in Philadelphia Athletics history, also spent exactly 54 years with the franchise, between 50 seasons of managing and a few more as part of the ownership group.

Thanks and congrats to Vuc on a great career!


On the field, the A’s are done with their forgettable opening series against the Houston Astros, and now gear up for three games against the defending World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Games are Mon night, Tue night, and Wed afternoon, all televised on NBC Sports California, but note the night games are slightly early at 6:40 p.m.

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