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Elephant Rumblings: A’s will accept Bitcoin for 2021 suites

MLB news roundup

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Good morning, Athletics Nation!

Hey, have you heard about Bitcoin? It’s an exciting new opportunity and I’ll tell you all about how it can—

Nah, just kidding friends, I wouldn’t do that to you. If you’d like to know more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, there are several people in your life who are aching to explain it to you in great detail, or you can search online beginning with this link.

What’s important here is that the Oakland A’s are hopping on the crypto train. The team announced Sunday that they will accept Bitcoin as a payment for full season suites, at a price of one Bitcoin per suite.

Coliseum suites are allowed to hold up to six people this season, under the state’s current pandemic safety guidelines. Regular seats are offered only in pods of two or four people, so suites afford a higher capacity for a slightly larger group.

“We invite our fans to become the first Bitcoin suite holders in sports. We’re excited to be one of a handful of teams to accept cryptocurrency for payment and the first to price tickets in crypto instead of US currency. The price of a season suite may fluctuate depending on when it’s purchased, which adds to the excitement!” said A’s President Dave Kaval.

The price of a suite for the full 2021 season in American dollars is $64,800, as listed on the team’s website. At the moment, the going rate for one Bitcoin is $55,999.90 according to Google, but it changes constantly and has already gone up and down by several hundred dollars in the time it’s taken to write these paragraphs.

The A’s have a habit of being on the cutting edge of just about everything in baseball, both on and off the field, and they’ve done it again here with crypto. Don’t get too many ideas about alternate payment methods, though ...

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