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Elephant Rumblings: Brewers sign Kolten Wong; new homes for Sean Doolittle, Felix Hernandez

MLB news roundup

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St Louis Cardinals v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

The MLB offseason has finally roared to life after months of tumbleweeds. The signings and trades were flying in our last Rumblings three days ago, and they’ve continued unabated.

For Oakland A’s fans, the biggest news is that second baseman Kolten Wong is off the board to the Brewers, for around the modest terms he was expected to get at 2yr/$18m. He was at the top of a lot of wish lists on Athletics Nation with his blend of OBP and award-winning middle infield defense. We’d already gotten the message that the A’s weren’t going to spend any money this winter, but seeing Wong officially sign elsewhere at a price Oakland could normally have afforded really drives home the reality of the situation.

In AL West news, the Angels added another veteran starter in Alex Cobb, via trade. They now have a rotation full of names you’ve heard of but who aren’t locks to still be good, so their fortunes could go in any direction. Meanwhile, the A’s signed a reliever ... to a minor league contract.

And finally, a couple familiar names found new homes. From the most recent A’s team, Joakim Soria signed with the D’Backs. From A’s teams past, Sean Doolittle landed with the Reds. And from our old nightmares, Felix Hernandez will try out with the Orioles on a minor league deal, and if he makes the roster then it’ll be only the second team he’s pitched for after 15 seasons with the Mariners (he opted out of 2020 instead of pitching for the Braves).

See the MLB Transactions section below for more details on these and other recent moves around the league.

A’s Coverage

MLB News & Interest

MLB Transactions

An infield with Chapman, Olson, and Wong would have set defensive-metric records

Cruz stays with the Twins, for less than Khris Davis makes

Twins also add a new closer, swiping Alex Colome from a division rival (though that same rival upgraded to Liam Hendriks)

AL West rival Angels add another starting pitcher

Rays bring back Archer, after sending him away a couple years ago in one of the biggest highway robbery trades in recent memory, at the expense of the Pirates

See link in A’s Coverage section above for more details on Soria

Phillies sign a pitcher

Cubs sign a pitcher

A reunion with Doo would have been awesome, but note that his velocity was down significantly last year

King Felix might finally pitch for the second team of his MLB career

Technically the A’s signed a reliever! See link in A’s Coverage section for more details.

Best of Twitter

Semien talks about his experience in free agency

... Some quotes about the A’s from Semien’s interview

This is either really good news, or really ominous news (see link in MLB News section for more details)

Angels release a statement about coach Mickey Callaway

This rotation could be anything from pretty good, to decent, to a trainwreck of injury and underperformance

Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2018, and retired from pitching the next year (at age 32)

All the best to Phegs, who spent half a decade wearing green and gold