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Canceled Season’s Greetings!

Syndication: The Advocate
“A ball, a glove, and no game!”
Sara C. Tobias/The Advocate / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you’re religious you may refer to it as “Christmas” and if you’re not you may refer to it as “Rickey Henderson’s birthday”. If you found a rotund older man coming out out of the chimney, that’s Uncle Perv and he was drunk, lost his keys, wound up in your living room and it’s best to leave him passed out until around noon.

Cindi is on Facebook determined to figure out who Mari Christmas is and why everyone is calling out her name today, while my Aunt Bertha is trying to fit into her holiday dress, and that’s just her left leg.

From all of me at AN, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Strike and a Happy New Lockout and remember: if you’re Jewish like me, then you get 8 little disputes handed to you daily by Rob Manfredberg and Tony Clarkstein.

Anyway, here’s a thread where you can wish each other the happiest of holidays, tell John Fisher and Dave Kaval what you wish for them, or refer to any number of players as gascans. Or, as Cindi would gasp, “Howard Terminal? Omigod, but he’s so young!!!”

Happy Holid-A’s everyone!