Tanking 101 was never like this!

2022 A's would like to get salaries to low $50s

Speculators everywhere I look translate this as meaning trading all the A's stars, blowing up the team, a major fire sale, ...but add: not to worry because it's just a routine 3 year re-build. ...Uh-huh.

...I hate to disappoint everyone, but...

As typical for the A's, ...all trade offers will be welcomed and duly acknowledged and weighed for their roster advantages. IF one or two offers are something they can't possibly say "No" to they will say "Yes!"

...but this does not a "Fire Sale" make.

$$$ / Timeline sequence

$71.2 - Today: Oakland Athletics Multi-Year Payroll |
$71.2 - Khrush signed to LV minor league contract? Hopefully A's do this before another team beats them to it.
$64.2 - Send Andrus' $7 million contract anywhere he & Boras decide as a salary dump: O's? Cubs? others?
$66.2 - Sign Lowrie after dumping Andrus. $1.5 - $2 mil.?, give A;s first half offense a boost.
$54.0 - Trade Manaea's $10.2 for pre arb pitchers: CL? SP? SU?
$47.0 - Trade Piscotty $7, ...he should be hitting in Spring Training and all year like his 2023 contract depends on it. Hopefully Austin Allen is having a monster start in LV & Khrush was signed to LV contract & has re-discovered .247 & his trademark HR stroke.
$47.0 - Basssitt contract extended with a back-loaded 2 year deal ('23+'24) and 3rd year (2025) option.

Note: Pitchers will love this: The All Star corners defense is now joined by the A's new & improved All Star Up the Middle Defense! These guys can play!

  • CA Murphy-r, Theroux-r, (Austin Allen playing 1b @ AAA?)
  • 2B Kemp, Lowrie
  • SS N. Allen, Machin
  • CF Ramon misses 6 gms. / (One of Bolt? Barrera? Reed?)
  • 1B Olson, Brown
  • 3B Chapman, Machin
  • RF Pinder, Piscotty, / (One of Bolt, Barrera, Reed?)
  • LF Brown / (One of Bolt, Barrera, Reed?)
  • DH Piscotty, Lowrie (AAA Austin Allen / Khrush)
  • SP: Bassitt, Montas, Irvin, Kaprielian, Jefferies...
  • CLRP: Trivino or new via trade?
  • SURP: Guerra, Puk
  • MIRP: Acevedo, Moll, Holmes, Kolarek
  • LRP: Honeywell Jr

A's Low $50s / high $40s goal is achieved.


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