Matt Olson's Trade Market

The Matt Olson market is so wide open I dropped the grid used for the Chapman, Manaea / Bassitt Trade Market posts.

As an offensive force hitting #3/#4/#5 in line ups, …plus being a defensive infield force at 1B and large foul area, …plus having another season, 2023, already on his contract, ...a healthy Olson's value is assured to do very well in the heat of the upcoming 2022 playoffs.

Why trade Matt Olson any sooner?

His arbitration amount for 2022 is $12 million. A mid-season trade would halve that amount and you still have the option of him if the A's somehow make the playoffs. A very nice option to have at that point in time. This salary halving effect of contracts also applies to Manaea $10.2, Bassitt $8.8 & Chapman $9.5. It pays to hold these players until mid-season if you can't get value back sooner.

"Holding" may help put the A's into the playoffs again as the demand for them by other playoffs teams may rise due to injuries or sub standard seasons by SP of playoffs hopefuls. progresses, …better to opt for highest return, not arbitrary dates in time.

Another reason not to trade him early is in the crapshoot that is the playoffs and World Series. The A's FO may pull the rabbit out of the A's Cap and end up challenging yet again in 2022! Stranger things have happened. lol

2022 AL WEST Forecast: Timing is everything! I would argue that the Astros have peaked & are ready to decline, Mariners could not beat any teams other than the A's and are in their annual re-build, Angels pitching needs more miracles than the A's pitching, …and it is premature to expect the improved Rangers to rise as a Phoenix to domination in 2022.

2022 American League Forecast: Looks like a great time to attempt another playoffs run! Other than the Rays the AL 2022 playoffs teams look to be clustered at 92 wins: 2021 MLB Standings | ESPN

I would also argue that having Matt Olson remain probably attracts conversations with teams that could advance other contract trades & roster upgrades.

Lastly, I would argue that trading Manaea, Bassitt, & Chapman first enables the A's to offer Matt Olson an extended contract offer after clearing those salaries. He may pass on it but he may surprise and accept instead.

Effects of Trades on Payroll (Salaries today: $71.8)

$31.3: Olson, Chapman, Manaea & Bassitt = $40.5 so payroll at $31.3 million If all 4 left before opening day.
$51.5 If all 4 left mid-season.
$52.1 If Manaea & Chapman, Boras clients, are traded before opening day.
$52.8 If 2023 free Agents; Manaea & Bassitt; are both traded before opening day.
$57.2 If Manaea is traded soon & Bassitt or Chapman are traded mid-season
$52.4 If Manaea is traded now, Bassitt & Chapman by mid-season.

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