Fantasy Boras Sez: Dogfight!

Boras Sez: "A's can save $20 million by trading my clients Sean Manaea & Matt Chapman to the Texas Rangers and achieve that $50s-ish payroll goal."

Boras Sez: "...and a result of this trade the Rangers become more competitive with the Astros, fight back for Texas bragging rights, and the A's and the rest of the A L West close the gap by moving up in the standings"

Boras Sez: "...."the enemy of my enemy is my friend". A L West becomes a Dogfight! with the Division up for grabs"

2021 A L West Wins

  1. 95 Astros
  2. 90 Sea
  3. 86 A's
  4. 77 LAA
  5. 60 Rangers
Astros Vs A L West
  1. 14-5 Vs Rangers
  2. 13-6 Vs LA Angels
  3. 11-8 Vs Seattle
  4. 11-8 Vs A's
Clearly the Rangers & LAA were deficit in 2021 but both are improving for 2022

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