The Plan: What the A's (and other teams) can do to start the rebuild

The Plan: What the A's (and other teams) can do to maximize a rebuild

The rebuild. The inevitable.

Every team goes through a rebuild. It's something you can nail (like the 2015 Royals) or fail (like the Marlins for 93% of their existence). But, as the A's seemingly go through this process, a question arises.


Well, I'll tell you.

The toughest part of the rebuild - setting em' free.

Diagnose which spots can be filled up by prospects, before you sell off someone and don't find a replacement. For the A's, a potential Chapman replacement can be found in Zack Gelof, but I have 1 exception for finding someone in the draft or by trade. This will be used here.

Next, find an Olson replacement by including a 1st base prospect in an Olson trade, making that prospect the star return.

There is plenty pitching, so Bassitt, Manaea, and Montas can be traded, with one nice pitching prospect on the AJ Puk level being added.

And lastly, before Pedro Pineda is acquired, add a veteran holdover until he develops, and maybe add a prospect, just in case.

Tyler Soderstrom, potential future A's catcher