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A's Attendance now 29th in MLB:

2021 MLB Attendance - Major League Baseball - ESPN

Fans are not going to A's games in Oakland so seriously, …why build another new stadium there?

…especially with BART on the wrong side of the freeway yet!

Sometimes the best solution is sitting there in front of everyone, just waiting for someone to recognize and run with it.

Is NOW the time to open eyes, ears & minds to the options that could potentially keep the A's in the Bay Area for many decades to come?

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…it sits there empty every time the SF Giants leave for their 81 road games. Why aren't stadiums built to host games for both leagues? for both AL & NL teams? When one team is at home the other hosts home games. What's so hard?

…or is rotating home games for teams from both leagues in the same stadium just too efficient for MLB to even consider?

Making twice as many stadiums as needed really should be a mistake that belongs in the past. Building new stadiums should not be a routine revenue generator for MLB or any U.S. Pro Sports League.

If the NBA's Lakers & Clippers can temporarily share Staples Center it is an available option for any community or League to put to advantage.

The A's do belong on the other side of the Oakland Hills, sharing the stadium with the Giants can be the time machine that will allow that location to happen.