2022 Roster Makeover?

2022 Contracts

$77.1 Million (less Diekman @ $4M Club option)
$71.85 Million (Less $5.25 Chafin mutual option)
$61.65 Million (Less $10.2, assuming Manaea trade for pre arb pitching) Manaea / Bassitt Trade Market - Athletics Nation
$52.85 Million (less $8,8. Assuming Bassitt trade for pre arb pitching)
$44.35 Million (Less $9.5. Assuming Chapman traded for pre arb Infielder/s) Matt Chapman Trade Market - Athletics Nation

Now A's can afford to offer Olson & Montas contract extensions. 2023 isn't a problem either with contracts only $20 million + arbitration cases. It is pretty safe to assume Piscotty, Andrus, Manaea, Bassitt, Pinder wll have left already. ...maybe everyone except Pinder?

A's: #10 in MLB 2022 Salaries Forecast: $81M, the Rays are #9: $73, …and barely missed the World Series, again, …franchises with smaller budgets have 2 successful models that make the playoffs regularly, perhaps World Series soon. Proof that a smaller budget is do-able. Both franchises prioritize maintaining superior roster depth. Cot's Baseball Contracts (

With BART on the wrong side of the 880 freeway the A's new Howard Terminal/London Square stadium will be more dependent on drive ups, a small consistent fan attendance can be expected. Realistically the A's budget remains at #8 to #10 forever unless circumstances change dramatically.
…such is life.

Player Options & Rule 5

So how do the A's cut costs while remaining as competitive as possible? …moving higher salaries of veterans with 1-2 years left like Manaea, Bassitt, Chapman, Letting pricier free agents leave, …and having eager pre arb minor leagues players prepped to replace them. Acquiring players with options is proactive, …options allow the A's to shuttle players back & forth from AAA to A's & back again until acclimated to the MLB level. This player shuttling is allowed when options remain.

Players without options are grouped under "Rule 5" (R5).

If the A's bring up a R5 he must remain on the A's. If the A's attempt to return a R5 player to AAA other teams can claim him. Like the A's do every now & then.

The A's 40 man roster is currently at 31 leaving 9 roster spots open.

9 slots are available for Rule 5, free agents, promotions from the minors & trades acquisitions.

Trades are typically vets for vets or prospects for prospects so easily manageable with forethought.

…with only 9 slots currently available and November's CBA uncertainties are combining to make 2022 unpredictable.

The annual sifting of players, who stays, who doesn't, gets complicated quickly to say the least.

6 Outfield

LF: Brown, CF Laureano, RF: Pinder, OF4 Bolt, OF5 Barrera (DH: Piscotty vs LHP (w/ A Allen vs RHP) This matches players to their most productive position.
Laureano will miss the first month of 2022 play.
Should the A's bring up an R5 knowing they will likely lose him when Laureano returns & the A's attempt to return him to AAA?
Who would that be? …Austin Beck? …Reed? …Thomas? Bolt? Barrera?
  • cf/lf/rf Buddy Reed-s 27, Rule 5 …disappointing offense.
  • cf/rf/lf Austin Beck-r 23, Rule 5 …maybe AAA-LV can rejuvenate his play?
  • lf/cf/rf Cody Thomas-l 27, Rule 5 …I like him in RF after Piscotty/Pinder.
7 Infield

C Murphy/A. Allen, 1B Olson, 2B KempMachin, 3B Chapman/Machin, SS Andus/Machin/Another SS?

As witnessed during 2021, Elvis does not justify 500 plate appearances, 200 is reasonable as long as he is here with his unmovable contract. Should the A's add any of these to their infield depth and chance losing them when sent down to AAA? …Eierman? …N. Allen? … Machin has options remaining so should he go to AAA to make room for a R5?
  • ss/2b Nick Allen-r, Rule 5
  • ss/2b/cf Max Schuemann-r, Rule 5
  • 2b/3b Mondou-l , Rule 5
  • 3b/2b/ss Jeremy Eierman-r, Rule 5
  • 3b/ss/2b Edwin Diaz-r, Rule 5
13 Pre-Trades Pitching

4 Rotation: Manaea, Bassitt, Montas, Irvin,
4 SP/Bullpen games/Long & Middle Relief: Kaprielian, Jeffries, Blackburn, Acevedo...
1 Closer: Trivino 2 options
2 Set Up: D. Guerra 30 gms, 0 options, A. J. Puk-l 27, 12 gms, 5 yrs, 2 options
2 Middle Relief: Kolarek 33, 12 gms 5 yrs, 1 option, Sam Moll-l 30, 8 gms 6 yrs, 1 options

Rule 5 Pitchers
  • G Holmes 26, (Bullpen Games/Long Relief), Rule 5
  • B. Howard 27, (Bullpen Games/Long Relief), Rule 5
  • P Dunshee 27, (Bullpen Games/Long Relief), Rule 5
  • Brady Feigl 25, Rule 5
  • Guduan, (Innings Eater), Rule 5