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Elephant Rumblings: Alex Bregman set to return Tuesday for Houston Astros

MLB news roundup

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Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

Do you hear that, friends? It’s the sound of a slow news day in baseball. Remember when these used to happen all the time?

Nobody ultra-famous died, no teams tested positive for coronavirus, no new natural disasters emerged except the ones we’re already dealing with, no new labor disputes arose, and so on. The sun came up, a bunch teams played baseball, you maybe didn’t even go to work/Zoom because it was Labor Day, and then the sun went down and we went to bed. It was glorious.

Of course, things happened, but they were within the range of normal everyday occurrences. The Oakland A’s beat the Houston Astros without needing late-inning heroics, to open their crucial five-game series. There were routine injury updates on Matt Chapman and A.J. Puk, for better or worse. Stephen Piscotty drove in a runner from scoring position. And so on.

Perhaps the most interesting item for A’s fans is that Astros star third baseman Alex Bregman is expected to be activated from the injured list today, after missing 17 games to a strained hammy, reports Jake Kaplan of The Athletic. Houston went 7-10 during that stretch, including being swept in four by the lowly Los Angeles Angels right before coming to Oakland.

The A’s and Astros are playing a doubleheader today, with start times scheduled at 3:10 p.m. and 6:10 p.m. — remember, each contest is only seven innings. It remains to be seen whether Bregman plays both games or just one, but for what it’s worth teams often don’t push players too hard upon their return from a pulled leg muscle. However much he plays, though, the 26-year-old is the reigning runner-up MVP finisher and his presence should be a big boost for the Astros — if you want an analogy, he’s basically their version of Chapman.

It’s a great day for a ball game, relative to the last two scorchers; let’s play two!

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