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Game Thread #60: Oakland A’s vs. Seattle Mariners

Final game of the regular season!

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Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We’ve reached the end of the 2020 regular season! For the Seattle Mariners, this is it, the last game they’ll play this summer. For the Oakland A’s, this is just one final tune-up before the real fun begins next week in the playoffs.

The A’s will give one last nod to Frankie Montas, who has struggled mightily ever since experiencing back tightness in August. In six starts he’s allowed 29 earned runs in 24 innings, including 10 homers, and only once did he let through fewer then four runs. The slump has been bad enough that the right-hander doesn’t seem likely to be part of the postseason rotation next week.

Seattle responds with their own ace, Marco Gonzales. The lefty has excellent numbers across the board, including a 3.06 ERA and 3.44 FIP, backing up his success from the last two seasons. However, the A’s did get to him last time they faced a couple weeks ago, scoring five runs in six-plus innings, including homers by Sean Murphy and Marcus Semien.

Oakland is currently in the No. 3 seed for the AL playoff field. They are one game back of the No. 2 Twins, and the A’s hold the tiebreaker if it comes to that. Status quo would have Oakland facing the No. 6 Astros in the Wild Card Round next week, and that would be locked in with a loss today. If the A’s win and the Twins lose, then Oakland would play the No. 7 seed, either the White Sox or Indians depending on what happens today in their respective games.

First pitch is 12:10 p.m., with the following options to watch or listen:

  • TV: NBC Sports California
  • Radio: 960 AM
  • Online video stream: fuboTV
  • Online audio stream: iHeartRadio

A’s lineup (home)

  1. SS Marcus Semien (R)
  2. 2B Tommy La Stella (L)
  3. DH Khris Davis (R)
  4. LF Mark Canha (R)
  5. 1B Matt Olson (L)
  6. CF Ramon Laureano (R)
  7. RF Stephen Piscotty (R)
  8. 3B Jake Lamb (L)
  9. C Sean Murphy (R)
  • Frankie Montas, RHP

Free Khris Davis!

Mariners lineup (away)

  1. SS J.P. Crawford (L)
  2. CF Kyle Lewis (R)
  3. 3B Kyle Seager (L)
  4. 2B Ty France (R)
  5. 1B Evan White (R)
  6. DH Jose Marmelejos (L)
  7. LF Tim Lopes (R)
  8. RF Braden Bishop (L)
  9. C Joseph Odom (R)
  • Marco Gonzales, LHP

Generally a standard lineup for Seattle.

Let’s Go Oakland!