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Barry Zito releases new music video: ‘Ballpark Kids’

Former Oakland A’s pitcher follows up his appearance on The Masked Singer with a new track

Athletics v Blue Jays
Photo from 2004
Photo by Michael Zagaris/MLB Photos via Getty Images

When we last heard from Barry Zito, the former Oakland A’s star pitcher was reaching new heights in his music career. Back in May, he was revealed as one of the mystery contestants on the TV show America’s Got Masked Voice Idols, or some combination of those words and maybe other words.

Now the Cy-Young-turned-singer-songwriter has made his next mark on the music world, with the release of a new song titled “Ballpark Kids.” The track reminisces on carefree childhood days when playing baseball can be the top (only?) priority, before adulthood brings other responsibilities. Zito co-wrote it with Aaron Eshuis and Neil Medley, co-produced it with Eshuis, and finished recording it in August.

For the music video, Zito put out a public call on Twitter for anyone to send photos and videos of themselves playing ball. In addition to that fan footage, the All-Star lefty himself can be seen in various spots throughout First Horizon Park, home of the Triple-A Nashville Sounds, for whom he pitched toward the end of his playing career in 2015. Zito is wearing his old college jersey from the USC Trojans, while his No. 75 A’s and Giants shirts hang in the background. Here’s the final product!

Make sure you stick around until the end of the video, as you will be rewarded with childhood photos of several familiar MLB players. The list includes Bob Melvin, Mark Mulder, Jarrod Parker, Scott Hatteberg, and even Barry Bonds!

What do you think of Zito’s new song? Let us review it together in the comments!