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Oakland A’s injury update: Teddy Bear alright after getting hit with foul ball

Good news on the injury front!

T. Bear enjoying the game with his buddy
Photo Credit: Oakland A’s on Twitter

The Oakland A’s released a very important injury update on Friday: Teddy Bear is alright after being hit in the head with a foul ball Thursday night.

Here’s a video clip of the scary scene. Bear was sitting in the stands in the left field corner when a sharp foul ball off the bat of Arizona Diamondbacks star Ketel Marte rocketed toward him and beaned him right in the noggin.

Of course, field analyst Dallas Braden was there to make some ursine puns, calling the incident “unbearable” and claiming that “I can’t bear to watch.”

All of Athletics Nation held our breaths overnight (citation needed), hoping that Teddy was alright after taking such a grizzly blow. Fortunately, the A’s reported Friday that he passed concussion protocol and is happy and healthy and back in the stands. What a relief!

With no sun out for the evening game, it’s fortunate that Teddy wasn’t wearing any spectacles when he was hit in the face, or else the black eye could have been even worse. This is the polar opposite of the worst-case scenario, which could have caused pandamonium among the bear community.

NBCS showed sympathy for Teddy, but did point out that fans are given ample warning about flying objects being hit into the stands, and Shooty Babitt suggested that alcohol may have played a role in Bear’s lack of attention and sloth reflexes.

Teddy made headlines in the past for public defecation in some nearby wooded areas, but charges were dropped, and he was exonerated in the court of public opinion too. He remains a valued and beloved member of the local community, and cites Seth Brown as his favorite player on the team.

AN wishes the best to Teddy and we hope for a speedy recovery, even if it’s just a nasty lump on his dome.