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Elephant Rumblings: Mike Trout goes on paternity list

MLB news roundup

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

The 2020 MLB season has already seen more than its share of player absences, between an increased number of early-season injuries as well as positive coronavirus tests. The latter factor has taken out most of an entire team, with 17 of the 33 players on the Marlins (active roster plus taxi squad) testing positive — not only is the club shut down at least through the weekend with their games postponed, but so is the team they last played, the Phillies.

On Thursday the league lost yet another big name for at least a few days, though this time it’s for a happy reason. Mike Trout, Angels superstar and the best player in the majors, was placed on the paternity list for the upcoming birth of his first child. His wife, Jessica, is due on Monday.

Normally the paternity list lasts three days, but of course in this unusual season it’s not clear how long he might end up missing — though if it’s longer than the three days, he’d technically need be moved to the restricted list instead. Fortunately for his timeline, he won’t need to be quarantined before returning, since he’ll continue to be tested while he’s gone, reports insider Jesse Sanchez.

The topic of Trout’s upcoming baby also came up during the spring shutdown, as he publicly demurred over whether he would opt out of the season — and the heightened exposure risk of being around dozens of players and co-workers each day — to focus on the health and safety of his growing family during the pandemic. Of course, he eventually decided to play.

There’s a good chance none of this will affect the Oakland A’s at all. They next face the Angels on Aug. 10, and by then Trout could be back. But we’ll find out when we get there, and in the meantime we can stop for a moment and enjoy a seemingly rare piece of happy news. Congrats to the Trout family!

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