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Buy your Jesús Is My Homeboy T-shirt today!

Jesús is my homeboy, but only because I’m not an opposing batter

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The Oakland A’s won 97 games each of the last two seasons, but they have a chance to be an even better team in 2020. One big reason for that is the arrival of Jesús Luzardo, who might just be the future ace of the rotation.

According to many mainstream sources, Luzardo is one of the 10 best prospects in the entire sport, and everyone else has him in the Top 25. But you don’t have to take their word for it anymore, because we’ve gotten to see it ourselves — whether last September in his MLB debut stint, last October in his brilliant outing in the Wild Card Game, or last weekend when he made his 2020 debut with three dominant innings out of the A’s bullpen.

It won’t be long until the 22-year-old rookie gets his chance as a starter for Oakland. With a fastball that can reach the upper-90s with command and movement, one of the best changeups in the sport, and a plus breaking ball to seal the deal, he has every chance for a star future ahead of him. Couple that with a down to earth, likable personality, and you’ve got the makings of something special.

With a great team surrounding him, including a powerful lineup, top defense, hot bullpen, and more strong starters in the rotation, A’s fans can dream about Luzardo helping to lead the green and gold through October to end one of the longer championship droughts in the league. Along the way he’s sure to make a believer out of you, and have you proudly exclaiming, “Jesús is my homeboy!

The shirt is available on the BreakingT website for $28, and you can click here to order. Full disclosure, we get a little cut of the action — but make sure you click through one of the links in this post so they know we sent you! Details:

  • Premium, lightweight blended cotton/poly crewneck. Durable, yet ultra-soft.
  • Unisex sizing with a snug fit. Men should size up; women should size down.
  • Officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association.
  • Screened in the USA.


Here’s a look at the full shirt, and make sure to scroll down to see our other available A’s designs!

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