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Final Round: Best jersey design in Oakland A’s history

The final ballot, with three to choose from!

The final candidates
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During the long wait for the 2020 MLB season, we’ve been holding a community vote to determine the best jersey in Oakland A’s history. We started with a bracket of 16 designs from the last half-century, and added two more along the way, and now we’ve cut that list down to a final three.

Click here for a recap of the first round (including the full original bracket), and here for a recap of the second round. Here’s how the third round played out:

White/Gold Brackets

  • Modern home whites DEF Modern gold alts (final tally: 37-18)

Green/Wild Card Brackets

  • New kelly greens DEF Modern green top w/ gold piping (final tally: 40-17)

Play-In Bonus

  • Modern road grays DEF 1983-86 green pullover w/ Oakland print (final tally: 37-20)

Just like last time, none of the results were close. These are clearly the three favorites in the eyes of the community. There are two timeless classics in the whites and grays, and an extremely popular new/retro design in the kelly greens.

All that’s left is for us to do our final vote. There are three contenders, and the ballot will take place in the comments section. The top comment will include three separate replies, each with a photo of one of the jersey candidates — you can also scroll to the top of this story to see a bigger version of all of them. Just “Rec” the comment containing your favorite of the three, and we’ll see which one tallies the highest.

Head on down to the comments to cast your vote, and we’ll find out the best jersey in team history!