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Best bat flips of all time

Literally a bunch of bat flip videos

Milwaukee Brewers v Oakland Athletics
They don’t think it be like it is but it do
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

A little over a week ago, AN’s Philip Christy had an ask: “Someone start a post with the best bat flips of all time.”

Well Mr. Christy, challenge accepted.

I’m not one to shy away from a good research project. Especially when the project is “hey, go look at sweet home run footage all afternoon.” I sucked it up, took one for the AN team, and got to work cutting tape in the film room (except it’s 2020, so I just did an internet search).

Per Mr. Christy’s request, attached below in the desired product.

  • Contents: One AN Blog Post
  • Enclosed: Fifteen videos of ash, hickory, and maple flying through the air

Kind regards,

— Ciderbeck

P.S. I highly recommend putting on your favorite swagger song while reading this list. My choice was Destiny’s Child. Haters gonna’ hate, I love that track.


The Greatest of All Time

Here’s Philip’s vote for #1. I don’t think many on AN will object.

(Apologies for the potato quality, would love to find a better video clip if anyone knows of a source.)


The Glare

This moment dominated MLB headlines for about a week in 2018. The flip itself was modest, but was enhanced by a glare at the opposing dugout. (In terms of pure flip, here’s a more dramatic one from Canha from a couple months prior.)


Here’s what the rest of MLB, and the rest of the world, have on offer.

Clearly Pulled By a String


A Bat Flip Legend is Born

The Year: 2015

The Game: ALDS Game 5


Trick shot

This video has only 52 views and deserves so many more. The skill, the audacious set-up, the music. This is what YouTube was meant for.


Photo finish at the Derby

You know Yo gotta go on this list.


Like father, like son

Fernando Tatis Sr. once hit two grand slams in the same inning. His kid also knows how to make a statement. (Clip is from the winter Dominican League.)


Around the world

Seriously though, you have to understand that MLB is bush league A-ball compared to Korean pro-ball flippin’ skills.


The Backwards K

Not all bat flips come after good results.


Wingardium Leviosa


I fought the Lawless and the Lawless won

The Year: 1987

The Game: World Series Game 4

Tom Lawless’ career batting line: .207 / .263 / .258


Sheer Joy


Deja vu all over again

Twenty years before Bautista, there was Thome.



Why yes, you can collect sabermetric data on bat flips.


Wild Horse

We’ll end with the poster child of the modern bat flip debate, Mr. Yasiel Puig.


Final Thoughts

Please comment about any flips I missed.

Which clip above was your favorite?

What’s your favorite swagger song?

Thanks for reading and stay strong. Baseball can’t no longer exist for forever.


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