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Game Thread: 1989 World Series, Game 1

A’s vs. Giants on NBCS at 8:00 p.m. PT

World Series:Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants, October 27, 1989 Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

We haven’t gotten to enjoy live baseball since last October, but the next best thing is watching old footage of your team winning the championship. NBCS is here to the rescue, airing all four games of the 1989 World Series, in which (spoiler alert) the Oakland A’s swept the San Francisco Giants.

Before reading on, test your knowledge of the ‘89 A’s with our trivia quiz! How many of the players and coaches on the roster can you name?

How to watch Game 1

  • What: 1989 World Series, Game 1
  • Who: A’s vs. Giants, in Oakland
  • Date: Monday, June 22
  • When: 8:00 p.m. PT
  • Channel: NBCS California

The A’s were coming off an AL pennant in 1988 but a crushing upset defeat by the Los Angeles Dodgers in that fall’s World Series, and now they were back for another try against even closer geographic rivals. This time they had Rickey Henderson back on board, after re-acquiring him from the Yankees in June.

The lineups for both teams, starting with the host A’s:

  • LF Rickey Henderson
  • 3B Carney Lansford
  • RF Jose Canseco
  • DH Dave Parker
  • CF Dave Henderson
  • 1B Mark McGwire
  • C Terry Steinbach
  • 2B Tony Phillips
  • SS Walt Weiss
  • RHP Dave Stewart

And the visiting Giants:

  • CF Brett Butler
  • 2B Robby Thompson
  • 1B Will Clark
  • LF Kevin Mitchell
  • 3B Matt Williams
  • DH Ernie Riles
  • RF Candy Maldonado
  • C Terry Kennedy
  • SS Jose Uribe
  • RHP Scott Garrelts

Hard to argue with a guaranteed A’s win! If you’re watching, then follow along with us in the comments.