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Elephant Rumblings: MLB proposes 50-game season, players want more games

MLB news roundup

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MLB Welcome To Australia Press Conference
Two sides, both alike in stubbornness
Photo by Matt King/MLB via Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

The last several days have been significant in our country’s history, and impossible to ignore. Amid nationwide protests over police brutality toward African Americans as a whole, and the May 25 killing of George Floyd in particular, the A’s released a statement on Sunday in support of the black community. Personally, I agree with their response and am happy to see them land on the right side of history, just as they did when they publicly supported Bruce Maxwell’s right to take a knee during the national anthem in 2017.

I closed the comments in that post about the team’s statement, but of course I know the topic will eventually come up, especially since I’m mentioning it again here in another post and even offered my opinion in the previous sentence. If choosing to discuss these highly emotional and sensitive issues on this site, please be respectful and follow our Community Guidelines; the comments section will be monitored extra heavily this week.

In the meantime, it might be quieter than usual around here the rest of the week, as it already has been the last couple days. So far it has felt wildly inappropriate for me to post much about sports. My intention is still to post at least a little bit this week, but it’s also possible I’ll change my mind on that.

Stay safe, my AN family.


Oh, as for the headline of this post, MLB and the players are still arguing over how to split up their millions. See the links in the MLB section for more, but the short version is that the players suggested 114 games, then the league countered at 50 games at full prorated salaries. So, the two sides still aren’t close at all. See the links in the MLB News section, as well as the Twitter section, for more details.

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