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Round 3: Best jersey design in Oakland A’s history

The Final 4, plus an extra twist!

Oakland Athletics
The 70s stripes did not make the cut in Round 2.
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The last couple weeks, we’ve been holding a community vote to determine the best jersey in Oakland A’s history. We started with a bracket of 16 designs from the last half-century, and now we’ve cut that list down to four.

Click here for a recap of the first round. Here’s how the second round played out:

White Bracket

  • Modern home whites DEF 1970s stripes w/ A’s logo (final tally: 37-12)

Gold Bracket

  • Modern gold alts DEF 1970s gold monochrome w/ vest and green sleeves (final tally: 31-16)

Green Bracket

  • Modern green top w/ gold piping DEF Modern green top w/ Athletics script (final tally: 33-15)

Wild Card Bracket

  • New kelly greens DEF Black tops 2000 w/ green script (final tally: 40-10)

None of these were close, resulting in four clear favorites for the final rounds. The biggest surprise to me was the Green Bracket, where I underestimated the popularity of the piping design from the last few years — I thought the more classic modern greens would fare better.

But wait, there’s more! In the last post we also held a bonus consolation vote for two designs that got left out of the original bracket:

  • 1983-86 green pullover w/ Oakland print DEF 1982-84 white button-up w/ A’s logo and piping (final tally: 29-17)

Since there are no rules here and I’m making this up as I go along, I’m adding a twist to Round 3. That consolation vote is going to serve as a play-in, and the 80s green pullover is now a part of the bracket. And if it’s getting added, then it needs a partner to compete against.

One of the biggest themes in the comments so far has been remorse that the road grays were eliminated in the first round. They got a tough draw against the extremely popular kelly greens, and a heavyweight was knocked out early. That popular demand will now serve as a loser’s bracket redemption play-in, and the road grays are back in for a second chance.

That means we’re really down to a Final 6, and our championship vote next time will a three-way contest instead of a heads-up ballot. Here are the current matchups:

  • White/Gold: Modern home whites vs. Modern gold alts
  • Green/Wild Card: Modern green top w/ gold piping vs. New kelly greens
  • Play-In: 1983-86 green pullover w/ Oakland print vs. Road grays

The voting will be done in the style of the Community Prospect List. Go to the comments section to find the ballot, and “Rec” your favorites in each matchup to cast your votes. In this post, we’ll pare from six options down to the final three. Let’s vote!