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Elephant Rumblings: KBO Opening Day!

MLB news roundup

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SK Wyverns v Hanwha Eagles - KBO League Opening Game Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

Baseball is back, in South Korea at least. The KBO had its Opening Day on Tuesday, which was late Monday night here in California. It’s a 10-team league that plays a 144-game schedule, and they’re still hoping to play the full slate. However, they’ll do so without fans in the stands, and they’ll pause the season if any players or coaches get infected.

We’ll have more about the KBO in a separate post (here it is!), including details about some former A’s players who are playing in the league. For now, check out links below by John Hickey (Sports Illustrated), R.J. Anderson (CBS), Craig Calcaterra (NBC), and ESPN, for more info on the KBO and its newly launched 2020 campaign.

ESPN2 is airing one KBO game each night, so check the link below for info on when to watch. If you missed the opening game last night, then it’s re-airing on ESPN2 at noon PT and again at 11:30 p.m. PT tonight. (I’m pretty sure those are the Pacific times, not the Eastern ones? Double check to make sure if you’re planning to tune in.)

Here in the U.S., Ronald Blum of the Associated Press reported on the financial incentive of players to get the MLB season started. Over five dozen players stand to earn $100,000 per game, with four top names banking more than $200,000 each time they take the field. None of this is necessarily news, just an analysis of contract info that was already available to the public, but it’s still interesting to see it all broken down in the AP’s analysis (see link below).

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