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Oakland A’s trivia: Name the 8 no-hitters

Can you name the pitchers who threw Oakland’s 8 no-hitters ... in order?

Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB season is on hiatus, and there’s no telling when baseball might start again. In the meantime, let’s play some trivia!

The past few days have been a celebration of no-hitters in Oakland A’s history. Each of the last three days brought the anniversary of an A’s no-no, from May 7-9, and two of those were perfect games. Overall, there have been 13 no-hitters in franchise history, dating back to 1901 in Philadelphia (the first was in 1905), and eight of them have come since the team moved to Oakland in 1968.

Here’s the list of the five Philadelphia no-hitters: Weldon Henley (1905), Chief Bender (1910), Bullet Joe Bush (1916), Dick Fowler (1945), Bill McCahan (1947). Bender is now in the Hall of Fame. There were none in the Kansas City years.

The question is, can you name the eight pitchers who have thrown no-hitters for the Oakland A’s, in order? I have constructed a quiz on Sporcle to test your knowledge, with the following instructions:

  • Oakland years only, from 1968-2019
  • You only need to type the last names to register the answers.
  • However, you do have to spell them right!
  • You must go in order, though you have an unlimited number of guesses for 10 minutes.
  • It’s reverse chronological order, so we’re starting with the most recent and going backward in time
  • The 1975 one was a combined no-hitter, with four pitchers teaming up. For the sake of simplicity, I’m only looking for the starter, who went the first five innings.
  • Read the next paragraph about how to not spoil the answers for everyone else in the comments section.

Share your results in the comments, BUT DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING!! There is an option in the comments for ”spoiler text,” which will black out that particular text until the reader puts their mouse over it to reveal it. If you are going to share right/wrong answers, please use the spoiler option. It’s on the row of options like bold, italics, etc., all the way on the right side, in between the option to add a hyperlink and the option to add a smiley face; it looks like a black square.


Alrighty, here is the quiz! It’s embedded below, or you can click here to play it on Sporcle’s site.

How did you do? Were you able to finish the list, and how many tries did it take you?