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Elephant Rumblings: Ray Fosse, Bip Roberts share thoughts on 2020 MLB season

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MLB news roundup

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Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics

Happy Monday, Athletics Nation! Before we get to the links, a couple programming notes.

First, there will be some changes coming to these Elephant Rumblings posts. At the very least, all of our SB Nation California sites are adding a bit of writing to the top of our link roundup posts, so from now on they’ll start with a blurb about something — perhaps expanding on a top piece of news, or sharing some general thoughts, or (when games start happening again) a quick take on something from the previous night’s action. We’ll see how it evolves over time.

Secondly, the format might change a little bit. Here is an example of the layout being used by some of our other California sites, which you’ll notice is more concise than what we do in these Rumblings posts. At the moment I’m not expecting to pare it down quite that far, but I wouldn’t mind shortening it up a bit if possible. To be honest, it takes kind of a while to put these Rumblings together, and that’s time I could be devoting toward an original article for everyone to enjoy.

What I’d like to hear from the community is some feedback on the Rumblings. What parts do you enjoy and use, and are really hoping they’ll stay? What parts do you skip over, and wouldn’t mind if they disappeared? If there are some sections that folks aren’t into anyway, then it’s easy to stop spending time on them. Thanks everyone, and have a great start to your week!

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MLB News:

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Baseball Interest Stories:

Today in Baseball History:

  • 1930 - Chicago White Sox first baseman Bud Clancy has no chances in a nine-inning game against the St. Louis Browns.
  • 1983 - Walter Johnson’s 56-year record of 3,508 career strikeouts is eclipsed by Nolan Ryan. Ryan strikes out Montreal Expos pinch-hitter Brad Mills in the 8th inning as the Houston Astros beat the Expos, 4 - 2.
  • 1994 - Scott Erickson of the Minnesota Twins, who allowed the most hits in the majors last season, pitches the first no-hitter in his team’s 27-year history as Minnesota beats the Milwaukee Brewers, 6 - 0.
  • 2006 - Top Tampa Bay prospect Delmon Young is suspended indefinitely by the International League, a day after throwing a bat that hits a replacement umpire in the chest. The 20-year-old Young, brother of Detroit star Dmitri Young and honored as the 2005 Minor League Player of the Year by Baseball America, was ejected in the 1st inning following a called third strike in the Durham Bulls’ Triple-A game at Pawtucket. The suspension will be for 50 games.

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In case I don’t get a chance to do a full article on this ...

Former A’s prospect homers, but his wife later struck him out

Brown keeping busy

Literally all of us, James