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Game Thread: 1973 World Series, Game 2

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Oakland Athletics Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Welcome to our Retro Game Thread! With no 2020 games to cover, we’re instead turning our attention back in time to the three-time champion 1970s Oakland A’s. Click here to see the full schedule of games we’re following for the next couple weeks.

We’re in the 1973 World Series right now, and on the docket tonight is Game 2.

Here’s how to watch:

  • What: 1973 World Series, Game 2
  • When: 8:00 p.m., PT
  • Where: YouTube (click here to watch)
  • Who: New York Mets at Oakland A’s
  • Why: Coronavirus?

Oakland captured Game 1 in a tight 2-1 victory. Here are the staring lineups for Game 2, beginning with the host A’s:

A’s lineup

  1. Bert Campaneris, SS
  2. Joe Rudi, LF
  3. Sal Bando, 3B
  4. Reggie Jackson, CF
  5. Gene Tenace, 1B
  6. Jesus Alou, RF
  7. Ray Fosse, C
  8. Dick Green, 2B
  9. Vida Blue, LHP

Mets lineup

  1. Wayne Garrett, 3B
  2. Felix Millan, 2B
  3. Rusty Staub, RF
  4. Cleon Jones, LF
  5. John Milner, 1B
  6. Jerry Grote, C
  7. Don Hahn, CF
  8. Bud Harrelson, SS
  9. Jerry Koosman, LHP

Play ball!