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Oakland A’s trivia: WAR leaders by year, pitchers

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Who was the top pitcher from each season in Oakland?

Pictured: 7 of the 52 answers
Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

The 2020 MLB season is on hiatus, and there’s no telling when baseball might start again. In the meantime, let’s play some trivia!

The A’s have played 52 seasons in Oakland, and they’ve featured plenty of star players along the way. Every year, someone finishes at the top of the team’s WAR leaderboard. The question is, how many of those 52 annual WAR leaders can you name? In this quiz, we’ll only be looking at pitchers, rather than mixing them together with position players.

I have constructed a quiz on the website Sporcle to test your knowledge, with the following instructions:

  • Pitchers only (no position players)
  • We’re using Baseball-Reference bWAR
  • You can go in any order, with 10 minutes and unlimited guesses to fill 52 spaces.
  • You only need to type the last names to register the answers.
  • However, you do have to spell them right!
  • Read the next paragraph about how to not spoil the answers for everyone else in the comments section.

Share your results in the comments, BUT DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING!! There is an option in the comments for ”spoiler text,” which will black out that particular text until the reader puts their mouse over it to reveal it. If you are going to share right/wrong answers, please use the spoiler option. It’s on the row of options like bold, italics, etc., all the way on the right side, in between the option to add a hyperlink and the option to add a smiley face; it looks like a black square.


Alrighty, here is the quiz! It’s embedded below, or you can click here to play it on Sporcle’s site.

How did you do? Are there any that you can’t believe you missed?