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Game Thread: 1972 World Series, Game 4

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Oakland Athletics v Baltimore Orioles
Ken Holtzman
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Welcome to our Retro Game Thread! With no 2020 games to cover, we’re instead turning our attention back in time to the three-time champion 1970s Oakland A’s. Click here to see the full schedule of games we’re following for the next couple weeks.

We’re in the 1972 World Series right now, and on the docket tonight is Game 4.

Here’s how to watch:

  • What: 1972 World Series, Game 4
  • When: 8:00 p.m., PT
  • Where: NBC Sports California
  • Who: Cincinnati Reds at Oakland A’s
  • Why: Coronavirus?

Since we skipped Game 3, here’s some quick background. The A’s returned to Oakland boasting a 2-0 series lead, with three home games ahead of them. However, the Reds struck back by capturing the first of those contests at the Coliseum, meaning the road team won each of the first three games — and all by one-run margins.

The final score in Game 3 was 1-0. Blue Moon Odom threw seven sparkling innings for the A’s, including 11 strikeouts, but the Reds scratched out a run in the 7th. A single by Tony Perez, a sac bunt by Denis Menke, and an RBI single by Cesar Geronimo, led to the only tally in the game. Oakland managed just three singles and three walks off Cincy starter Jack Billingham in his eight innings of work — they only reached third base once, when Matty Alou tried to bunt to advance Bert Campaneris from first and Billingham threw the ball away for an error.

That brings us up to speed. The A’s lead the series 2-1, and now we’re on to Game 4. Here are the starting lineups, beginning with the host A’s (reminder that Reggie Jackson is out of the series entirely with a hamstring injury):

A’s lineup

  1. Bert Campaneris, SS
  2. Matty Alou, RF
  3. Joe Rudi, LF
  4. Sal Bando, 3B
  5. Mike Epstein, 1B
  6. George Hendrick, CF
  7. Gene Tenace, C
  8. Dick Green, 2B
  9. Ken Holtzman, LHP

Reds lineup

  1. Pete Rose, LF
  2. Joe Morgan, 2B
  3. Bobby Tolan, CF
  4. Johnny Bench, C
  5. Tony Perez, 1B
  6. Hal McRae, RF
  7. Dennis Menke, 3B
  8. Dave Concepcion, SS
  9. Don Gullett, LHP

Play ball!